Sebastian sitting Ariel down right as the Under the Sea Music kicks up.

  • The seaweed is always greener
  • In someboy else's lake
  • You dream about going up there
  • But that is a big mistake
  • Just look at the world around you
  • Right here on the ocean floor
  • Such wonderful things around you
  • What more is you looking for

  • Under the Sea
  • Under the Sea
  • Darling it's better
  • Down where it's wetter
  • Take it from me
  • Up on the shore they work all day
  • Out in the sun they slave away
  • While we devoting
  • Full time to floating
  • Under the Sea

  • Down here all the fish is happy
  • As of to the way they roll
  • The fish on the land aint happy
  • They sad cause they in the bowl
  • But fish in the bowl is lucky
  • They in for a worser fate
  • One day when the boss gets hungry
  • Guess who gonna be on the plate

  • Under the Sea
  • Under the Sea
  • Nobody beat us
  • Fry us and eat us
  • In fricasse
  • We what the land fols love to cook
  • Under the Sea we off the hook
  • We got no troubles
  • Life is the bubbles
  • Under the Sea (Under the Sea)
  • Under the Sea (Under the Sea)
  • Since life is sweet here
  • We've got the beat her nnaturally (Naturally)
  • Even the sturgeon and the ray
  • They get the urge and start to play
  • We've got the spirit
  • You've got to hear it
  • Under the Sea

  • The newt play the flute
  • The carp play the harp
  • The palise play the bass
  • And they sounded sharp
  • The bass play the brass
  • The chub play the tub
  • The fluke is the duke of soul
  • The ray he can play
  • The lings on the strings
  • The trout's rockin out
  • The black fish she sings
  • The smelt and the sprat
  • They know where it's at
  • And look that blowfish blow

  • Under the Sea (Under the Sea)
  • Under the Sea (Under the Sea)
  • When the sardine
  • Begin the begiune
  • Its music to me
  • What do they got a lot of sand
  • We've got a hot crustacean band
  • Each little clam here
  • Know how to jam here
  • Under the Sea
  • Each little slug here
  • Cutting the rug here
  • Under the Sea
  • Each little snail here
  • Know how to wail here
  • That's why it's hotter
  • Under the water
  • We all in the luck here
  • Down in the muck here
  • Under the Sea

Composed by Alan Menken

Lyrics by Howard Ashman

Performed by Samuel E. Wright

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